Sunday, July 21, 2013

Seychelles Calling!

Glorious bays caressed by gorgeously multi-hued waters and exquisite ribbons of white sands lounge carelessly amidst palm trees that dance with the wind. Sometimes, nature amazes us in such ways that it is both humbling and overwhelming at the same time! 

Island hopping can never get any more awesome once your bags are packed for Seychelles. On the islands of Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, you could trail along for miles lost in the company of your loved ones.
Spread out your beach mats and make the biggest and most majestic sand castle ever. Go diving or snorkeling and give yourself a peek into the miraculous world that lies so deep down in the depths of the Sea.

The cuisine that is uniquely Seychelles is a fusion of flavors from African, French, Chinese, Indian and English cooking. Over the centuries, spices have been combined to create a single flavor. The large selection of tangy, sweet, rich and spicy combinations makes the Seychelles cuisine a tourist attraction in itself. With hundreds of such flavors, Seychelles cuisine and beverages have a unique place in the world of cooking. Shell fish delicacies are a must try if you are a sea-foodie. All you need is an appetite and a willingness to be surprised by the delicate but flavorsome gastronomic tour at Seychelles!
 Pick up a conch and hold it to your ear and you will hear the murmur of the sea. The conch cries are said to be the sea calling to those who listen. Oh go on, get packed already!

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