Friday, July 26, 2013

Across the seas, Is Lanka

Marco Polo described Sri-Lanka as the finest Island in the world and he couldn't be any more accurate!
An explorer's delight, SriLanka is the dream destination of many. Mapped with clean pristine beaches, a dramatic wild-life, and mouth-watering Cuisine it is this Island-country that will sweep you off your feet before you even get a chance to settle!

 Cast away the blues and sink your feet into the inviting sands that lay sprawled on the may picturesque beaches. Ditch water for mugs full of sweet tender coconut water and walk around till you cannot take a step further. Here's your cue to find comfort by the sea and look far far away where the tip of the ocean meets the sky.

What can be more calming that a quiet beach alive with only the calls of gulls and a breeze that gently passes by... What more enchanting than scooping shells from the sands wave after wave... What can possibly be more important than quiet whispering and holding hands with those you love while on a trail in the woods... Maybe if you really looked, you could see how the sea swells and drops into white surfs like a satin gown and the sands dance about like fairy dust. If you only looked closely, life would become such a fabulous fairytale you'd want to record yourself!

 Milk rice with onion sambola, thosai, lentil curries, appams, sour fish curry, and other such tempting delicacies are sure to take your taste buds on a roll! A perfect beach holiday filled with amazing treks, beautiful waterfalls, great food, and great company is how you could describe SriLanka.

 You can go to the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and adopt, yes adopt a baby elephant! You can call anytime to check on it is doing anytime of the year and leave a part of yourself in the heart of a grateful elephant.

Life is too short to wait. And Sri Lanka is too beautiful to put away. Yes, time for a Srilankan vacation!

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