Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's raining discounts in Malaysia!

Malaysia, the house of the tallest twin towers of the world, is one of the most happening destinations this monsoon! The markets are streaming with wardrobe must-haves, accessories, and other trinkets! Yes, it is the season of the Malaysian Mega SALE!!!

Shopoholic Alert!!
One of the three sales that take Malaysia by storm every year, this sale is on June 29th 2013, through September 1st 2013. Expect the entire country to be draped in colours, and contagious enthusiasm. Essentially, a time to shop, eat, and celebrate in the company of close friends and family!

Retail therapy is one of the most successful therapies to cast away those blues. Office, traffics, bills, corruption, constitution, agitation, babies, mothers, families, stress stress stress!!! It is about time you pulled over to the side lanes and watched life unfurl into a panorama of colours, costumes, and flavors!
The Malaysian Mega Sale period lasts for a month and is celebrated with the fervor and enthusiasm of little children! The entire country participates in the festivity with gusto as the malls ready their windows with irresistible merchandise. Streets are spotted with carts loaded with exotic food and drink because after all that shopping you are sure going to need something to stop the growling in your tummies!

Don't miss the biggest and the brightest sale of the year! Ready! Get! Set! Shop! Till! You! Drop!

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