Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Blissful Family Getaway to Kerala

What more can be said about Kerala, a place described as God's own country! Tender coconuts as sweet as nectar to quench your thirst, lush greenery everywhere you turn, beaches that run along white surf and sand. Yes, Kerala is truly where the God's live.

As heartwarming as any international destination, Kerala is a sure shot example of a holiday spent in peace, close to nature. Filled with untouched pure beauty, don't mistake Kerala as primitive or undeveloped. It is as vivacious as any city, and as modern as any culture you have come across. A cuisine filled with racy spices, coconut, pulses, lentils, fresh sea food, and lip smacking chutneys are Kerala's gift to the Gastronomic world.

Hills rise gracefully to meet the clouds and the winds fly past carrying the fragrance of golden showers. The state flower of Kerala, The Golden Showers is an auspicious sight to behold and brings prosperity and good luck to those who chance upon it. Little rivulets dance in happy bubbles and the backwaters are filled with the chant of oars and the calls of birds...

So many treks to trek, trails to follow, and so many foods to eat! Balance your time well so you have ample left to breathe in the breathes of God. Beaches are well illuminated for you to sit beneath the stars all night. Catch a shooting star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade.

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  1. Kerala Holiday Packages - Kerala is the place of green beauty and the world of peace which is made by God's own hands that is the reason some people says that Kerala is "God's Own Country", This is the best place for spending your precious time with your partner.