Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hongkong- Macau

The skyline is afire with the city-lights that look like a stream of glittering diamonds in the sky. The world's most impressive crowd of sky-scrapers, this skyline is Hongkong's signature attraction! Welcome to Hongkong, the city of smiling people, great hang-outs, amazing food, and a culture that is both modern and traditionally sound.

Quaint little villages lie inside proud walls that were initially built as protection from external attacks. Some of these are over 500 years old and still standing, keeping the cherished heritage intact. Bustling markets are one of the places you'd want to scour and sample fresh organic local produce like Bok Choi Choi Sum, Pumpkin, Dragonfruit, Sweet Potato, wild bananas, Strawberries, Wolfberries, Lemons, White Radish, Beetroot, Baby Carrots, Ginger, Taro and Okra, Water Spinach, Lettuce, White eggplants, Chinese cabbage, sweet corn and Bittergourd, Pomelos, Lychees, Longan and Mangoes! 

Hongkong takes pride in it's seafood preparations. It is stir- fried, grilled, diced, stuffed, fried , an is seasoned with a less-is-more approach. You can try the steamed fish that comes seasoned with fresh ginger, mushrooms, dried fruit peel, and shallots! And this is just your first dig into their magnanimous food culture!

Noisy, colorful, and filled with chantings, the temples in Hongkong are cloaked in the smell and smoke of incense sticks. After you have had all the fun hopping around the streets, settle into solitude than will come to you at the steps of the temple.

Macau is a fast paced, trendy city filled with enthusiasm and style. Once here, you absolutely must visit the ruins of St. Paul. One of the most coveted tourist attractions, St. Paul was built in the 17th century and was destroyed in a fire in the year 1835. What remains now is the facade of the Church for everybody to imagine the magnificence it once held between its walls! Ventian Macau, the world's largest casino will have your spirits up and about the tables. Indulge, may Macau bless you with a jack-pot!

Call the power of the infinite as you gaze at the 10th highest freestanding tower in the World- The Macau tower that soars 338 meters above the city! Yes, life is here. Lurking somewhere between road crossings and pillars, waiting to jump at you any second now.

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