Saturday, July 13, 2013

Monsoon Magic in Karnataka

The season that quenches the Earth's thirst and dresses her in greens, golds, daisy whites and daffodil yellows! Rain, arrives in a bow, his mud coat dripping cold drops of water, happy with how the weather has changed. Happy to see you sit at the window sill with that mug of coffee watching how the raindrops silently caress the glass. Your breathe creates a little fog on the window and you draw a heart with your finger tip. Well, rain hearts you too!

How can you let this beautiful season come and go without watching nature unfurl into a dream setting of lush greenery and colorful plumes! Waterfalls emerge from no where, like a piece of jewelery dangling from hills and mountains. Oh, get up already! Dust off those bags and plan your vacation to Karnataka!
Rich in heritage and beautiful to behold, Karnataka is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the monsoons. Dump the rat race and walk-explore the valleys, the ancient temple relics and sites, ride and elephant and indulge in a cuisine smothered with spice that gets balanced with equally delicious dessert! 

Mysore, Somnath temples, beaches that spread across miles are few of the places you must absolutely visit to make sure your stay in Karnataka has been fruitful. Stand atop the hills you trek and make sure you make a pretty picture because the breathtakingly amazing sights in Karnataka is going to have you clickin' furiously!! 

 Karnataka is a southern trail to an experience that enhances the beauty and grandeur of the rain. If you listen closely, you could even hear the rain whispering a song to the Chikmagalur hills, putting the tired but happy winds, to sleep.

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