Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Celebrating Canada!

From coast to coast, Canada is the explorer's delight! Another destination to add to your MUST list! To travel, is to open your mind and absorb the wonders that nature has spread like gems all around the world. It is the quest you undertake and find one herring after herring and complete the puzzle!  

The roaring Niagara falls, are one of the most breathtaking sights you must absolutely experience. 'Maid of the mist', one thrilling ride to the mouth of the Niagara falls though a very adventurous attempt, is never vain. Let the sound of the water as it falls coursing though, drown the voices in your head. Sit in silence and watch the water run down and up in white mist. There is a certain joy in silence, it stills the heart...

Put on your white hats for the World's greatest outdoor show, the 'Calgary Stampede' in Calgary! Watch the cowboys an cowgirls fight it out and perform stunts with equally strong beasts of valor. Experience, as night comes, a thrilling stage show where there is dance, music, acrobats, and fireworks! Go ahead, step into the adventure park and get on all the rides! Nothing more thrilling and alive than your heart beating and thundering in your chest!

Home to the famous maple syrup you heavily douse your pancakes with, Canadian cuisine has more to offer! Fried avocados, shrimp chips, butter tart, wild blueberries, oysters, sugar pie, spot prawns, coffee crisps, Caesar, choke cherries, and the legendary ketchup and fries! Twisted, experimental and yet firmly rooted, Canada's food culture is a riot on the taste buds!

Quick, make this entry into your diary! When the time is right, set forth to celebrate this masterpiece, Canada!

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