Friday, July 5, 2013

Magical Kingdom Of Norway, Scandinavia!

Open the gate to the magical kingdom of Norway! Gurgling waters, softly falling snowflakes, and the orange tinged maple leaves as the trees shed for colder days. Norway is where seasons change like the unraveling of a beautiful song.

 How beautiful, to run through a field of yellow blooming daffodils, while your fingers caress past these soft petals! How amazing to ride through the streets of Copenhagen or walk on the dewy Scandinavian grasslands. What a wonder to witness the Midnight sun and marvel at the natural wonder that shines from the sky that makes you believe in miracles... Do you believe in miracles? Every petal that shines a sunny yellow, the beautiful flowing waters at Denmark, the enthusiastic bikers at Copenhagen, the grassland of Scandinavia, what are these if not miraculous, awe-inspiring, and a MUST on your travel list?
Life drags you down and makes love look very hard. Travel makes you calmer, it makes you look at things as they are. It adds colors to your depleting color box and brings a smile to your face when you snatch a memory from your travelogue in a moment of utter despair. Norway is the kind of a vacation that has all the makings of a fairytale. Castles, rivers, city streets, night-lights, and a cuisine rich in taste, it will make your defenses crumble!

Cross your heart, promise yourself a vacation to Norway-Scandinavia. This is going to be the best promise you ever made to yourself!

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