Saturday, August 31, 2013

Dazzling Dubai

Stunning buildings rise up to meet the rays of the sun as the clouds part on the incredible city of Dubai! What is the most exciting part? Well, how can you put your finger on just one of the many glittering diamonds up for grabs?

The country abuzz with music that escalates and drops in heart thumping rhythm, where belly dancers are known to create magic with moves perfected after years of practice and worship of this dance form! Shopping arcades teeming with tourists wanting to buy trinkets and souvenirs from their stay here, Dubai is the mecca for those for whom shopping is an integral part of any trip! 
Bhurj Khalifa, the world's tallest building sits proudly on the Dubai skyline. What is more exciting that an incredible sand dune safari, that feels like you are rafting in an ocean filled with soft golden sand! Gleaming blue waters caress white sands that lie carelessly blanketing the miles of sea shore. Whats more, you can chug along peaceful waves and enjoy more than a few glasses of wine, and indulge in a fine dining experience with the wind in your hair! 

Different cuisines can be sampled here. The locals have welcomed different cultures and infused their own styles and flavors. One can expect a variety of Pakistani, Taiwanese, Japanese, American, English, Indian, Lebanese, and Arabic dishes to fill the soul of the stomach. Just ensure to work up a heavy appetite so you can dig into many pies!

Offcourse Dubai is just one of the many beautiful destinations to see around the world. Nonetheless, it is one of the most beautiful, romantic, and forward thinking city on its own. A cup of tea as the sun sets on the beautiful horizon of Dubai is maybe certainly your cup of tea!

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