Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Boundless Beauty in the Heart of Africa

Have you ever felt or wished, that time would come to a stand still in its never ending journey?

If you haven't felt this way yet, here is your time! Far away from the city life and its daily humdrum, there's another untouched Earth! Stunning landscapes, magnificent snow peaks, awe-inspiring waterfalls, bewitching wildlife, all in their glory, speaking volumes of the treasures of Mother Nature.

Experience life's most exquisite moments in one of the World's greatest continents, Africa!

And Tanzania makes it to one of the most beautiful countries of Africa with a galore of outstanding natural wealth. Located in East Africa, it has the panorama of the Great Rift Valley, the feel and serenity of the Lake Manyara, the lush greenery spread across the terrains, an eco-rich surrounding of flora and fauna, and more.

Watch the Big five in action, the Lions in their majestic demeanor, the Cape Buffaloes flocking around in herds, the Rhinos basking in the Sun, the Leopards in their prancing mode, the Elephants in their gigantic best, and all this action and more, in the wildlife reserves of Serengeti. One of the revered wildlife reserves, it is an excellent choice for game drives to see the splendor of wild animals and birds dominating the place. Revisit history as you trace back the pre-historic human beings in the site of archaeological findings and see the Flamingos and other birds in flocks, on the riverbanks at Ngorongoro Crater.

Have the time of your life while staying in the most luxury lodges with the views of animals surrounding you, enjoy the extraordinaire; the adventure of Balloon Safari, see the breathtaking sights of the enticing scenery and amazing wildlife, as you take flight in the hot air balloon. Explore the enchantments of Tanzania as you enjoy viewing each sight in awe!

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