Friday, August 16, 2013

Take on Tanzania!

Spread across East Africa, Tanzania is a beautiful country, one of the oldest inhabited areas on Earth! Exploring this country is like walking back in time and stumbling upon a world we left far behind. An experience that takes you far into the core of life and as we see it. Bordered by Kenya and Uganda, Tanzania is a destination that tops the lists of adventurers!

Mountains run across forming the Great Rift Valley, part of the Lake Victoria spread in warm ripples, and the world's highest peak (Mount Kilimanjaro) is in Tanzania! Truly dramatic and absolutely stunning to behold, this is a destination that is a sumptuous mix of adventure, serene landscapes, and a multifaceted cuisine!

Chicken cooked with coconut milk, banana and meat stew, Ugali or rice or potato, braised cabbage. Some of these dishes will be cooked with coconut milk and some with groundnuts (peanuts). Dessert is always fresh fruit of the region. Tanzanian honey and coconut are fitting accompaniments to Tanzanian fruits and are especially good with pineapple slices. Any fruit drink is called Squash throughout Africa. Food here is quite spicy, much to the delight of tourists. Rice and fish cooked in coconut milk, anf fresh fruit puddings are specialties!

An African safari, an experience that touches hearts and takes you to the essence of the wild. Observing animals in their natural habitat is an incredible experience! The Mystical island of Zanzibar, untouched, virgin beaches that spread across miles are sure to slow you down and open your innermost senses to the beauty and adventure that each unfurling petal has on offer!

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