Thursday, August 8, 2013

In the lap of luxury - South Africa

There are somethings that can only be experienced in a room lit in candlelight. Sometimes you need to dive deep inside your comfort zone because you have been living out of it for quite a while. Shuttling between work, home, and social calls, trying to keep calm and promising yourself a luxurious vacation can indeed be taxing.
South Africa is a gateway to a relaxing vacation that rejuvenates the mind and body. Dramatic wildlife, jungle safaris alive with wild animals, birds, and exotic vegetation, brings back the child who looks at the world with eyes wide in wonder. Relaxing Spa-retreats to knead away stress, and beautiful beaches to lounge, wine glass in hand.

South Africa, with cocoa beans at its core is a rustic and in many parts, a primitive experience. Re- frame your holiday ideas and indulge in an off the beaten track vacation.
Redefine luxury and embark on that promised vacation. Arm yourself with innocence for an entire continent lies waiting to surprise you!

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