Friday, September 13, 2013

Spellbinding charms of Gold Coast!

Sun-kissed beaches with the carpet of jaded waters, waiting anxiously for you to come! Rendezvous in the sensational Gold Coast, one of the glittering jewels in Australia's crown. Golden shorelines, fantastic superstructures, astounding wildlife, beautiful terrains, gigantic mountains, it is an explorer's paradise.

The beaches of Gold Coast are revered all over the world, for their blue waters, pristine white sands and the favorable adventurous activities they provide for. The sun, sand and surf are the pecularity of these waterbodies. It is a carnival for the beach enthusiasts, to swim, sunbathe, surf or just walk over to enjoy the fun it offers.

Watch in awe the wonders of the Sea World, as it awaits you to unleash its magic! Witness the panorama of the greatest mammals like the Whales, look out for the Dolphins as they captivate your attention with their show and see the Sea Lions perform their hilarious act. Treasure the moments as you get close and personal with the parading Penguins and the most fearsome underwater animal, the Shark. Sea World is a heaven for animal lovers and pleasure seekers all around the world with its thrilling rides, animal shows and exciting attractions.

Redefine adventure in the bedazzling and entertaining Warner Bros. Movie World, enjoy yourself in the hair-raising rides of the Green Lantern Roller Coaster, Batwing Spaceshot, Wild West Falls and more. See your favorite cartoon characters in real as you have close encounters with them and visit the sci-fi movie zones.
Explore the many untouched places that Gold Coast has, with the delightful sights it offers!

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