Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome to the Kingdom of Thailand!

Get off the beaten track and discover Thailand, a beautiful country sitting on the emerald green waters of South East Asia. One of the most happening and glamorous international destinations, Thailand is an exotic, and safe destination which manages to go easy on your travel funds as well.
Beaches spread across miles, where the clear blue waters meet the cloudless skies in a splendid romance. Thailand is the perfect place to spend a carelessly unhurried vacation and bask in the sunny sands or on a hammock that rhythmically sways to a gentle breeze.

The peace and quiet these beaches offers are strongly contrasted by the buzz and jazz cities like Bangkok, and Pattaya are known for. Fashion forward, gadget advanced, and foodie, are quite the perfect words to describe these cities. The culinary culture is exotic, delectable, and a total flavor riot on your taste buds. Seasoned in wicked sauces and served with a smile you will be spoilt for choice! Sorbets, tubs of Crème Caramel, Thai candies, coconut cakes and puddings are sure to do more than nudge that sweet tooth!

They don't call Thailand a Shopper's Paradise for nothing! Once there, you're likely to raid the markets and take home bags swelling with trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories! You might want to make a new closet before your Thai trip!

Spiritually Buddhist, Thailand is dotted with monasteries you can visit and experience this philosophy. All you need is a heart willing to be filled with warmth, and a head bowed in humble surrender. After all, a vacation is a vacation for the soul as much it is for the body!

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