Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Leh Ladakh- A place to remember!

Nestled between the Kunlun mountain range and the great Himalayas, Ladakh is filled with a beauty that can only be experienced to be believed. The last few remaining abodes of Buddhism, Leh Ladakh is a fascinating representation of Tibetan culture and traditions.

For those who crave some adventure as a vital ingredient to a successful trip, Ladakh has an array of adventure activities for a amazing adrenalin rush. White water rafting, rock climbing, trekking, why, Ladakh is an absolute Mecca for Adventure lovers.

Renowned as the land of Monks and Monasteries, Ladakh has a core planted in the depth of spirituality infused with Buddhist philosophy. Simple people enjoying the simple pleasures of life that include trekking trails, picturesque lakes, and a flavorsome cuisine.

Momos, or Thupkas as they are called are a specialty here. Momos are steamed dumplings and the fillings range from chopped vegetables, shredded chicken, or prawns. Pudina tea, an ardent reliever of cold and plenty of dishes served with a generous amount of butter, and ghee are sure to take you on an extravagant culinary experience!

Srinagar, Manali, Khurdunga, Nubra, are places painted to ethereal perfection. Ladakh is a fusion of thrilling adventure and life changing peace. It is an epitome of spontaneity, where under each stone lies a new blade of grass and on each tree hangs an apple juicier than the rest. It is a place that teaches you to take one step at a time. Too many hurried steps may lead to a fall and life's dips and valleys are far more unpredictable than those that lie waiting in Ladakh.

Gear up on your biking skills if you aspire to go mountain biking. The winds, pink with cold, will caress your face with such passion, you will be grateful to be alive, in a place so carefree, and amazing as Ladakh.

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