Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spectacles beyond imagination, Egypt!

'Mysterious' is the word that describes best the land of Pharaohs, mummies, pyramids and an ancient civilization that is still adored and preserved, welcome to Egypt, the land of mysteries. Wake that explorer in you, as you run your eyes through the ancient wonders that this wondrous place has. Among the glittering sands, stands the mighty and magnificent marvel 'the Great Sphinx of Giza' and the monumental Pyramids that bring back to life the bygone history of Egypt. With desert landscapes spread far and wide, never cease to fascinate its visitors, unveiling its astonishing sights.

You'll find some of the ancient wonders of the world waiting for you in Egypt, tour the city of Cairo to visit the Egyptian Museum, the great Pyramids and more. Take delight in the Sound and Light show in the awesome atmosphere of the Pyramids, enjoy the spectacular show with the astonishing backdrop of the Sphinx and the Pyramids. Get ready to get wet in the water slides,  splash pads and other water activities at the Aqua Amusement Park. Enjoy the magnificent view of Cairo from the top of the Cairo Tower, one of Egypt's notable landmarks.

Catch the glimpses of the legendary city of Alexandria, as you visit the Museum of Alexandria, the ancient catacombs and Pompey's Pillar, which define the three distinct periods of the Pharonic history of Egypt.

Enjoy an underwater submarine adventure as you discover the amazing marine life of the breathtaking Red Sea,  cruise along  the jade waters and the pristine sands of the Giftun Island and snorkel to explore the sights of sea corals and other beautiful life under sea. Take a drive to the Bedouin Camp to rendezvous with the Bedouin tribes and learn about their way of life. There are infinite reasons to visit Egypt, that serve as great feasts for the eyes, come to explore them!  

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