Saturday, November 2, 2013

The White Beauty Of New Zealand!

New Zealand, is a country of enormous beauty, nestled in the South-western region of the Pacific ocean. Diverse and striking its natural glamour is spread across the lands, rugged mountains, serene lakes, verdant pastures, stunning beaches and more. New Zealand is most famous for its spectacular Glacier region. The island country is a paradise for adventure lovers and for those who are ready to explore its many geographical gifts. The terrains are inviting enough to let adventure seekers fulfill their dream of adventure. The shallow gorges add-on an adventure twist in the naturally blessed New Zealand!

Enjoy the spectacular views as you drive along, through the historic Haast Pass. Watch in awe the amazing blanket of clear jade waters of the Lake Wanaka. See the breathtaking scenery as you pass this lake, it is heaven for thrilling activities like bungee jumping, hiking, biking etc. Lose yourself to the verdancy of the Westland National Park, see the jagged snow-capped peaks, roaring rivers and rainforests inhabiting a variety of native flora and fauna.

Amidst the greenery and lushness of the beautiful rainforest. lies the Franz Josef Glacier. It is one of the most accessible glacier in the world, with many visitors to admire it during the high tourist season. The Fox Glacier is another add-on in the list of New Zealand's marvels, enjoy here the spectacles of mountain ranges, lush forests and scenic lakes. 

From bravely climbing the ice-fields of the glaciers, to walking the intertwined tracks of the dense forests, there are abundant activities for all to indulge in. You will find infinite reasons to explore this magnificent place! 

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