Thursday, October 3, 2013

Peculiar Penang!

Painted in the most beautiful colors of traditional and modern Malaysia, introducing the state of many moods, Penang. Splendid architecture, awesome culture, delectable cuisines, outlandish night markets, it has the vintage appeal with the characteristics of a modern life. Unconventionally remarkable it will steal your heart with its phenomenal charms! 
The stunning constructions of Penang reflect a potpourri of an age old English lineage with the local framework of the Chinese, Indian and many others and this has created a classic new breed of architecture. Drench into the beauty of the exotic beaches and the adventure activities it serves.

An explorer's eyes would never miss the beautiful temples like the Snake Temple which is filled with live encounters of some of the deadliest snakes in the world and Kek Lok Si Temple, the grand temple with spectacular views. Visit the most oldest and successful manufacturing giants, the Oeding and Erdel Factory and Royal Selangor, and witness their genius in action! 

Bite into the most exotic foods; Penang's gourmet is full of surprises, right from the street food fare to the fine dining of the high-end restaurants, you would love to welcome the innovation you see on your platter. Shop at the Flea markets which sell anything and everything and offer a wholesome variety, you would definitely be spoilt for choice! 

The revelations of Malaysia cannot be complete without experiencing Penang, celebrate every moment as you watch its spectacles on display and enjoy the panorama in motion!

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