Friday, August 3, 2012

Kerala – God’s own Country

Most of us wish to visit a different country when it comes to spending a vacation. Undoubtedly there are numerous destinations around the world that can rejuvenate every bit of you. But if you are planning to go abroad for a sabbatical ask yourself did you explore India? 

India being a land of diverse cultures attracts tourists from all across the world. Every part of the country defines natural beauty at its best. Kerala is one of the most beautiful destinations of the country. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Parshuram being a Brahman ruled the world and donated every bit of land. The stage came when there was no land left for him to live that is when God himself created it for Lord Parshuram. As it is god’s own land it has natural beauty, from hills to plains, from backwaters to oceans this small state embraces all and becomes earth’s paradise.

It is a perfect destination for those who travel in search of peace.  Backwaters of Kerala will give you ultimate relaxation and will take you away from the worldly responsibilities. Kumarakom is a perfect place for those who are on a honeymoon tour because of the tranquility this place cuddles. Couples find true love in the arms of serenity dipped in harmony of nature. This is indeed the place to be for young honeymooners who find solace amidst mystic natural environs as they set on to promising journey towards a fulfilling married life.  

A scintillating sun-set, long walk on silky sand and leaving footprints behind as sparkling waves hit your feet in a tender way…the scene itself exhibits abundant love and heavenly romance!! Added to it, the fun-filled adventure on sun-kissed beaches can make your holiday a one to be remembered and cherished a lifetime. Love every moment with your partner at Poovar beach. This, away-from-the-world beach will take you to another journey of romanticizing with nature. 

Food is what makes a vacation complete. At Kerala, spices that are used are fresh enough to rejuvenate every taste bud. You will cherish the kind of food that you might have never tasted in the past. You will experience the true essence of South India. 

Experience this heavenly trip to God’s own country with Kesari Tours and live every moment…!!!  

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